Antesh Anand

Indian Entrepreneur | Engineer | Digital Practitioner

A Bit About Antesh Anand

Antesh Anand is an Indian Entrepreneur, a business growth hacker, an agency owner, and a digital marketing strategist with several years of experience in the technology and marketing industry.

Antesh is the CEO of Flipsoft Technologies, a leading agency based out of Patna and Noida, that offers 360-degree technology and marketing solutions.

He is also the founder of Brand Medix, Bihar Live and various other venture

A highly skilled and trusted individual in the marketing sector, Mr. Anand believes “In this digital age, if you are not a digital marketer you are not a marketer.”

Antesh started his entrepreneurship journey nearly a decade back. While pursuing an Engineering in Computer Science at Sharda University, he created several online portals for college students. In 2015, Anand started ‘Bihar Live‘ with the vision of “Connecting Bihar” as its tagline says. What started as a medium to connect with your roots has now become one of Bihar’s leading online media websites with over 130k+ followers across various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Antesh Anand

In this digital age, if you are not exploring digital marketing, you are not doing marketing in right way. 

Antesh Anand

Antesh Anand Biography

NameAntesh Anand
Born on 5th September 1994
Place of birthLakhisarai, Bihar, India
Education Sharda University (B.Tech CSE), BSEB
ParentsGopal Prasad, Kumari Asha
SiblingsAstha Anand, Ankita Raj
Organizations foundedFlipsoft Technologies, Brand Medix
Occupation Businessman
Antesh Anand

While working and developing websites in college, Antesh understood the power of technology in digital marketing. He began his research and studied several companies’ websites and their online marketing strategies. During this, he saw that most companies were not using the right tools for marketing and insights. After realising the gap between marketing and technology in the business sector, he started gaining expertise in social media, Google Analytics, SEO, Google AdSense, GoogleAds, Marketing Automation and other aspects of Digital Marketing. Soon after, he came up with the idea of Flipsoft Technologies, a digital agency focused on providing data-driven, ROI-focused marketing solutions. The team of experts at Flipsoft Technologies has worked with several leading companies from different sectors like real estate, healthcare, IT, tour & travel, education etc.

Owing to his experience and expertise in working with top doctors, Antesh started Brand Medix, a first-of-its-kind technology-driven healthcare marketing company specialising in growth marketing for doctors, hospitals and healthcare brands. As part of India’s leading healthcare marketing agency, Brand Medix partners with the industry’s top medical professionals to help them reach more people. Antesh started Brand Medix with the simple idea that the company only works with the top 1% of the medical sector with an aim to create India’s first-ever community of digital doctors who are all experts in their niche.

A digital pioneer, Antesh is one of the most versatile and creative professionals with a long list of accomplishments to his name. He now uses his experience and marketing expertise in creating brands that matter. When asked how can one become an expert in digital marketing. He says,

digital marketing can be learned by anyone willing to go the extra mile and constantly learn new tools and techniques required to stay relevant

Antesh Anand

CEO, Flipsoft Technologies